Anthony Marino of thredUP – The World’s Largest Online Thrift Store

There’s a vision held by the world’s largest online thrift store where you can buy and sell high-quality secondhand clothes — a healthier and cleaner world…

Anthony Marino, President of thredUP,  joins Rob Sanchez on location in Palm Spring, CA at eTail West.

In this episode:

  • How thredUP has changed over the years
  • Buying used clothing online
  • Offering 25,000-35,000 brands
  • A managed marketplace
  • Suppliers, and trying to take weight off our shoulders—how they get sent a postage paid bag, and then receive money for the pieces they provide
  • Why there is not a whole lot needed to attract suppliers except to make it more and more easier
  • Making thredUP different is the brands they carry
  • The Instagram generation of shoppers—how people don’t want to be seen in same clothing many times, with a record on their feed
  • Considering that suppliers don’t want to be conspicuous
  • A vision of a healthier and cleaner world
  • How the thredUP platform is made for an evolution of brands to capture more unused items to be purchased
  • Value prop – when you’re done with a piece of clothing, you’re not stuck with it
  • How thredUP takes items that have very little attribution and gives them value.
  • thredUP has a no data problem—it actually has to create data
  • A hybrid of computers and people—key a piece is getting info to shopper to make it easy
  • Many customers are millionaires——shoppers are shopping for different reasons

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