Kristy Caylor of For Days – Zero-Waste, Closed-Loop Fashion

A lifetime membership to a better way of living. Sounds promising.

For DaysThis is more than an idea. This is an innovative circular T-Shirt Company that could change the waste problem caused by fast fashion, and a new commerce model for things we use every day. Kristy Caylor, CEO of For Days, joins Nataliya Makulova on location at ReMode Conference in Los Angeles.

In this episode:

  • A new model for commerce for things we use every day
  • Avoiding cycle of purchase and pollute, purchase and pollute
  • Wear, return, up-cycle
  • Subscription model, not purchased, another type of consuming fashion, a sharing economy because sharing materials
  • Eliminating closet clutter and clothing waste
  • Doesn’t make anyone change consumption patterns, makes you feel great—same person as was but now helping reduce waste
  • Having access to things that make you happy, optimistic and futuristic
  • Empowering, closing the loop system
  • Building a factory, scaling — working on—a smaller prototype in Los Angeles area
  • Systems and processes and the value of Kristy’s  engineering background
  • Challenges of building new technology
  • At the  forefront of conversations and there is a shift in the industry
  • And the need for a sense of connectivity

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