013 – Dean Steven Frumkin of The Jay and Patty Baker School of Business and Technology at the Fashion Institute of Technology – “Fashion Cyclist – Simply Global”

Steven FrumkinPt 2 FIT Dean on success in the fashion industry…

Pavan (OS Fashion), Rob (Manufacture New York), and Marc (Monkey Radio) continue their conversation with Dean Steven Frumkin (Fashion Institute of Technology), covering the challenge of coordinating design with effective use when designing protective clothing: comfort vs useful design, considering the value of partial protection with willingness to wear vs full protection that isn’t worn. Rob’s experience with nerve gas storage and warning systems lead to talk of a speed duct-taping Olympic sport, Stop Duck and Cover, and how new technology, materials and processes make protective gear more accessible.

Dean Frumkin reflects on growing students into “thought leaders” and the evolution of the industry moving from finding fashion bodies to simply execute current culture to recruiting those who are creating new culture and becoming leading entrepreneurs. Plus, resources available to students, empowering young people to start and grow businesses quickly.

Applying creativity in business world, the role of powerful alumni who bring messages about the fashion industry and the impacts of fashion business/tech impacts, steering FIT curriculum. Frumkin reflects on being an accessible, personal Dean, and how Pizza with the Dean could become Salad with the Dean. Pvana grills Frimkin on his pizza resources and the legal aspect of pizza and uniqueness of the girthy and groomed beard. Frumkin’s one message for students about connecting to success, networking, joining organizations. A discussion of using what you’re learning to help other people, just doing something, creating a businesss network, Pavan’s event listing on OS-Fashion as an example of resources and curated lists, and the critical nature of giving back and focusing on what can you do for other human beings around you. A debate on the value of internships in Fashion, and a discussion of gravitating toward your likes and interests and exploring communities. Clubs, associations at FIT, getting involved with on and off campus life.

How the careers of his parents helped Frumkin grasp the importance of education and why he wanted to learn more about it, and how a messenger boy inspired him to pursue the textile business. As a “Townie from the Island of Manhattan”, Frumkin notes more people than ever, the intriguing blend of old and new, the variety of restaurants, the density of liquor licenses, and whether he wears two bicycle helmets. A paper boy, a knife salesman, and an encyclopedia seller walk into a room… Plus: what the Dean’s brand is, his most satisfying moment as an educator, favorite spirit, how Derek Jeter relates to curing cancer, the focus on making an impact, the possibility of political office, lunching on animal crackers, and the amazing power loom.

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