014 – Kay Koplovitz and Maria Gotsch of New York Fashion Tech Lab – “The Possibility of Anything”

NY Fashion Tech Lab collaborators Kay Koplovitz and Maria Gotsch

Marc (Monkey Radio), Pavan (OS Fashion) and fill-in co-host Charles Beckwith (Fashion Media FIYB Koplovitz and GotschCenter) are joined by heavy-hitting business women and collaborators of the New York Fashion Tech Lab Kay Koplovitz (Chairman of Springboard Enterprises) and Maria Gotsch (President and CEO of The Partnership Fund for New York City). The duo discuss how they size themselves up from adventures to networking. Koplovitz on starting the USA Network, the SyFy Channel, Springboard Enterprises and participating in the creation of new industries. Gotsch on trying to make New York City a stronger and better, increasingly innovative place, how that is similar to molecules in a beaker, and how a childhood aim for politics led her to her current work. And, a possible campaign for office is born during the interview.

Koplovitz’s many interests from piloting jets to becoming a doctor and meeting Arthur C. Clarke are part of a larger adventure. Unlimited possibilities, and being mentored by people in fashion tech business to accelerate company growth. How the entire world looks to New York City for leadership and inspiration in fashion and fashion tech. How the New York Fashion Tech Lab was born by building and broadening the NY tech sector beyond digital media and ecommerce and consumer facing technology in banks, hospital systems and then fashion tech. The importance of collaboration, and the role of the consumer in driving the need for technology. Was the stealthy, heavily guarded fashion the last industry to adopt current technology?

Pavan calls Marc a “Rain Man”, and Marc tries to size up the larger vision of the New York Fashion Tech Lab. How the Lab is a bridge and facilitates conversations between retailers and entrepreneurs. A revelation that retailers actually select the participants, and how the venture is a unique engagement and protective environment to obtain feedback on fashion tech business, beyond ideas. A review of the vetting process that avoids businesses merely searching search for a “magic pill” for business success.

The hosts drop the ball on the “Feed the Animals” component of the show, but Maria rescues everyone with fancy French goodies. The importance of guiding others to success, and how Maria’s journey from work as a “fully recovered investment banker” and commercial real estate showed her the importance of understanding the capital markets. Her relationship between her forward-thinking work in “one of the best jobs in the city” and a commitment to promoting literacy. Plus–why reading is one of the keys to the possibility of anything, and how money is power.

How we consume video/TV relates to satellites, the USA Network, and a passionate description of a support system solving a delivery problem of getting critical health info for Indian women with tremendous impact with possibilities of being available everywhere in world.

Author Arthur C. Clarke was geeky with intellectual power and a passion for satellites in 1966, the impact of a passion for opening up communication, and how Kay’s passion found and captivated her. Plus the truth of 3 Billion more on the Web.

Taco trucks make an appearance during a lightning round of Swillcall questions which touches on the meaning of hope, the ideal Sunday evening meal, bike riding and which fashion designers the guests are in awe of. Plus, Marc requests a time machine, an invitation to Demo Day and a plug for Kay Koplovitz’s new book “Been There, Run That.

The show begins with sad news of the passing and a moving tribute by Pavan of friend, mentor and well known fashion advocate and FashInvest CEO/Founder David Freschman.

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