015 – Ken Seiff of Beanstalk Ventures – “Revolutionize or Disrupt”

Ken Seiff 2Beanstalk Ventures Managing Partner Ken Seiff, “Revolutionize or Disrupt”

A mini episode recorded live at the FDMobile event March 24, 2015! Hosts Pavan Bahl (OS Fashion), Rob Sanchez (Manufacture New York), and Marc Raco (Monkey Radio) are joined by the extraordinary Ken Seiff (Beanstalk Ventures). How the retail industry focuses on snapshots of infrastructure and then making upgrades instead of looking at the industry as an ongoing, larger movie. Seiff contends retailers are not living up to their potential and talks of fixing the pipeline. A discussion of innovative software for efficiency of retail engagement and bridging the online and store experiences. The possibilities offered by revolutionizing to disrupt. Getting access to inventory, pushing customers from liquidation, does offering a coupon acquiring worst customers, and Seiff’s contention that focusing instead in getting customers without discounts by tackling acquisition in sophisticated way is the future of successful retail. Plus a reference to Seiff’s exceptional experience (see his birthdate on Crunchbase). The change in the way money is raised because of the digital universe, and impact of more available money on second round investing. How the investment ecosystem has evolved and is the playing field been evened by recent technology, discovering new talent, the velocity of growth with angel investments, Seiff’s process at the start of Bluefly vs how things work now, manual vs automatic, and what Seiff would tell his 1997 self. Plus Y2K re-emerges, and the answer to what set the groundwork for Seiff in entrepreneurism from the age of 12.

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