027 – Raed AlAwadhi of ModernLook.com – “Dream Team”

Exposing emerging artists…

Raed AlAwadhi, Co-founder of ModernLook.com, a newly launched platform to bring attention to uncommonRaed AlAwadhi modern goods and bring exposure to emerging artists, sits with Pavan Bahl (OS Fashion) and Rob Sanchez (Manufacture New YorkRalph and Remington [Episode 22]) at the Open Source Fashion Freestyle Conversions Conference in Miami, Florida.

Kuwaiti-born AlAwadhi discussed the attributes of the local ecosystem, the importance of feeling “Pulled into” an online platform and the value of design with visual cues and storytelling. He reveals the genesis of the business, which launched only a week prior, and the inspirations from other platforms and his own experiences with online ordering, the desire to create a pure slate and have visitors experience fun, great photos, and for objects stand out on the page. AlAwadhi shares how unnamed1much of the photography, development and discovery of products is done in-house by the creative team of five, the bottlenecks the business has experienced in the first week, how the company handles fulfillment, the clear understanding of what is next, the nature of balancing the creative and the business aspects of a young company., and hints at a top-secret growth plan. Plus, Game of Thrones, storytelling, what the Ukraine has to do with ModernLook.com, his advice about finding good people, and AlAwadhi’s “Mario Brothers meets Miami Vice” Nintendo game outfit from Belgium.

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