044 – Shaun Johnson of Startup Institute – A Steep and Upward Ascent

Shaun Johnson Startup Institute on Fashion Is Your Business podcast 4Career acceleration…

Shaun Johnson (Co-Founder and Program Director of Startup Institute, a career accelerator) joins Pavan Bahl (OS Fashion), Rob Sanchez (Manufacture New York / Ralph and Remington [Episode 22]) and Marc Raco (The Hope Is Project and Monkey Radio), in studio. Johnson touches on matching people who want to do something they love with companies looking for someone with the skills to make that company grow. The FashInvest Investment News explores the recent POS platform Shopkeep $60 Million Series D raise to expand reach into the US and launch globally, locking in users and their industry, how technology can impact startup learning curve and growing pains, and shift response, POS companies Shaun Johnson Startup Institute on Fashion Is Your Business podcast 2changing the costs of taking credit, the shift away from cash, and how businesses respond to technology, and the dawn of a new “era of transaction”. A discussion on how technology has been impacting participants in Startup Institute, how Johnson talks to his house, the trade-off of data- connected services vs. the risks of surrendering privacy, and potential shifts on how we interact with the world. Info-privacy and cyber-security, and an unsatisfying “Feed the Animals” segment explores Steak-umm’s, HotPockets and Jim Gaffigan. Johnson touches on how Startup Institute participants are looking for success in their careers-, to accelerate career path, gain skills and network to do that quickly, on the two month program and on activities in Chicago, NY, Boston, London, and Berlin.

Johnson tells of brand relationships and teachers from hiring companies, support systems, a discussion ofShaun Johnson on FIYB losing talent to entrepreneurship, whether there is an economic up-cycle, and startup spark. People want to be challenged in the work they do, investing in human capital, and the orientation of colleges. He reveals how pressure and tension are necessary experiences to get growth, and a case example of a UK-originated success with Startup Institute.

Off the Grid Questions explore improvisation, a werewolf, the mafia, how murder, deception, poker, and underground gambling ring have an application to the learning process and sales, how to be the best version of yourself, yearning to do much more, the opus of your life, the importance of listening and watching, why Johnson would want to learn more Spanish, and what “old school” recording artist he’d be listening to in the “motherland” on “big-ass headphones”.

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