045 – Charles Beckwith and Seth Friedermann of American Fashion Podcast – Designer Advocates

The future of fashion information …

American Fashion Podcast hosts Charles Beckwith (Executive Director of the Fashion Media Center) and Seth FriedermannAFP on FIYB 3 (Fashion Business Consultant) join Pavan Bahl (OS Fashion), Rob Sanchez (Manufacture New York / Ralph and Remington [Episode 22]) and Marc Raco (The Hope Is Project and Monkey Radio), in studio. A quick background on Beckwith and Friedermann, a round of FashInvest Investment News Kenneth Kuo’s recently launched app Curate which has an algorithm which builds men’s selected wardrobe, and the psychology of convenience, making a difficult problem easy to solve, and the Sofia Fund which raised $5.5 million in a second round to raise for women led growth companies solving problems for women which are not being solved.

AFP on FIYB 4The wide spectrum of the fashion industry and its needs, the importance of the hosts learning something, the most popular episode, how Batman and Mad Men relate to the most popular guest, the surprise origins of the show and purposeful lack of tight format, when editing content comes into play to protect business interests, chasing audience interest, what fascinates the hosts, Beckwith’s hacker mentality, creating a new progressive marketing lab, a host trio of media background, industry background and creative background. Typical business problems of guests and how they are solving them, dropping small pieces of knowledge, the unfortunate need to cut conversations short, the importance of co-host Lisa-Maria Radano and being a fan of the work of designers, why guests will talk and the selling point, who is listening to the show, why the hosts haven’t haven’t knocked on the doors of top of the industry for guests yet, emerging designers don’t talk to one another, creating virtual connections and a more connected community, the importance of access, the audience preference for seriously talented designers. Beckwith and Friedermann on talking with Ralph Rucci about art at his kitchen table and scooping WWD, goals for and rewards they want to get out of the podcast, how to monetize the show, goals to syndicate, and bigger plans for consumer audience.

Friedermann kvetches about most fashion marketing being unimaginative and offensive to the customer, and the need for an honest conversation between brands and the consumer, aligning brand with a set of values. The pros and cons of sponsored content, missing the boat with female athletes, the loss of creativity in designs because of commerce, and need for change. Plus Off the Grid Questions reveals an Army Colonel, a civil rights activist, stillness in front of art, Beckwith and Friedermann’s talk show host inspirations, hockey rivalries, a learning disability and an underground hacker group.

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