071 – David Munczinski and Bryan Tunick of Brickwork – The Digital Front Door

Linking digital retail with physical retail…

David Munczinski, CEO and Founder, and Bryan Tunick, Sales Director, of Brickwork (a software platformDavid Munczinski and Bryan Tunick of Brickwork for enterprise scale retailers and brand connecting offline and online experience) join Pavan Bahl (Open Source Fashion) and Rob Sanchez (Ralph and Remington [Episode 22]) on-location at the 2015 Decoded Fashion New York Summit.

Munczinski and Tunick offer a glimpse at what Brickwork is trying to accomplish and relevance as an engagement engine for digital to store commerce, the threat of declining traffic in-store, massive audience browsing despite at-risk revenue in physical stores, and the need to activate customers. Creating experiences, under-maintained store locaters, the needs for a more meaningful digital presence, why store data needs to be the current key to better experience, the power of how Brickwork’s 50 data points and personal shopping experience-matching.

The value of Munczinski’s retail, fashion and omnichannel-marketing past, how a missing tool kit motivated creation of a solution, and the greatest obstacles to cutting through the noise with thoughtful messaging. Bringing the DNA of the industry into the business and communication, the value of feedback on what keeps people up at night, and debriefing the experiences of conferences and feedback. How Brickwork overcomes their biggest challenge with a small team and why small companies are the hotbed of innovation.

Plus, how Munczinski’s childhood and his mother resulted in an entrepreneurial path, mother, whether Columbus, OH is a hotbed for retail, combining creative and analytical, how extraordinary advice about risk vs. uncertainty gave him confidence, and looking for mavericks. Why Tunick’s personality makes him effective, how his father didn’t have much respect for rules, the power of disruption, and Dennis the Menace.


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