075 – Bob Bell and Aidin Tavakkol of Limespot – Model Behavior

Targeting retail products…

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Bob Bell

Bob Bell (CEO) and Aidin Tavakkol (CTO) of Limespot, a content attribution and personalization technology, join Rob Sanchez (Ralph and Remington [Episode 22]), along with guest hosts Charles Beckwith (American Fashion Podcast [Episode 45]) on-location at the 2015 FashInvest Fashion Tech Investment Conference in New York.

Bell and Tavakkol discusses the B-to-B side of their business, enabling e-commerce retailers to target products to appropriate audience, and how the consumer’s information can also be mined to capture their attributes and match products with individuals and personal interests, generating an experience personalized to the user.

Aidin Tavakkol

They review important key features that are looked at, including which even include relevance measured by past behavior, similar models, past purchased price. They offer detail on the rich data offered by Facebook including sports, activities, brands, posts, and describe how deep you can go, and what control the user can maintain.

The team reveals how their white label solution differentiates personalization for a user’s own purchases vs. buying a gift for someone else, including the process of accessing Facebook data on other users when available, and what can be done without user input. They touch on the possibility of their system offering implausible recommendations, how users can remain, why their platform helps a user when the user wants it to help, and whether profiles can be stored optionally. A discussion on processing speed and seamlessness of transaction, use of song lyrics and photos in furthering personalization and product information, what impact their platform has on increasing traffic and engagement, the impact of collaborating with Shopify, how app ratings have mattered, and how many products make their product worth implementing.

Plus, Off the Grid Guestions explore hardboiled eggs and toast, Iran, Canadian hockey, being privileged, and East vs. West coast energies.


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