077 – Shawn Boyer and Kate Boyer of Anatomie Sportswear – Human and Hustling

Functional fashion…

Shawn Boyer and Kate Boyer of Anatomie Sportswear join Rob Sanchez (Ralph and Remington [Episode 22]), and guest hostShawn Boyer and Kate Boyer Julia Macalaster (COO/Co-Founder of Preeline [Episode 16]) on-location at the 2015 FashInvest Fashion Tech Investment Conference in New York.

The Boyer’s reveal how high-end partnerships have lead to connections with people who have changed the world with their products, why it is mportant to hear stories of entrepreneurial struggle, and the motivation of looking at the human side of the business. The value of hustle, hiring people smarter than you, having the stomach to deal with adversity, and why having a consistent message of being on track is critical.

The influence of Leonardo Davinci, symmetry, art and science, and Europe have had influence on the genesis of the company and name, how combining forces turned talent used for private label companies into a thriving enterprise, the “ah-ha” moment of connecting fashion with travel market, and why Italian fashion has in common with NASA. Activewear designer fiber vs. knit for stretch, and looking at stretch woven bottoms, body heat, allowing more movement.

The Boyer’s share how validating via the back-breaking work of trunk shows resulted in setting retail records and being on front line with women who can afford the products and openness to honest feedback results in customer trust and brand ambassadors. The most effective tactics for communication, how the brand evolved due to customer feedback, the first product sighting, why they are at Fashinvest seeking capital, how one pair of pants can change your life and one thing can make you famous. Plus, connecting with the consumer one on one and the challenge of filtering through feedback.

Off the Grid questions explore competitive body building, Cleveland, overcoming created difficult fits, football vs. a sewing machine, failing in in sewing class while on national TV, powering down, traveling the world, scuba diving, and navigating marriage to a business partner.


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