078 – Nikki Robinson – Gloss and Glam – Employing Beauty

On-demand makeup and hair…

Nikki Robinson, Co-founder of Gloss and Glam, join Rob Sanchez (Ralph and Remington [Episode 22]), and guest host Julia Nikki RobinsonMacalaster (COO/Co-Founder of Preeline [Episode 16]) on-location at the 2015 FashInvest Fashion Tech Investment Conference in New York.

Robinson reviews how her company supplies hair and makeup on-demand in hotel rooms for guests, ideally as part of an in-house amenity package. She covers how it started with weddings and special events and the realization of a need when women are traveling. She describes the recruitment process, the complexity of on-boarding, working with local beauty communities, how consistent customer experience is critical, the importance of pricing the service correctly within the luxury space, and why there is no reason not to have employee model. She touches on the American way to build jobs and opportunities for people with a craft, the value of government compliance, and what is possible by hiring good people and treating them well, do good work.

A discussion on keeping the company viable, how having employees and providing benefits allows for retail and growth opportunities vs. contract workers who are limited. The service/beauty business means appropriate margins, how Robinson’s company is creating a new in-hotel room retailing vehicle, and why the limited time of mothers and female business travelers is a pain point that can be solved. Robinson reveals the impact of Gloss and Glam’s proprietary technology, algorithms, artificial technology significantly increase efficiency and reduce the need for employees by 63%, how the company built a seemingly un-accomplishable huge system enabling the company give employee benefits.

Robinson talks competitors trying to cut corners, short term gain for long term loss, why luxury customers’ existing relationship, fundraising, Angel Week at Microsoft what’s on the radar for the coming year such as in-room retailing, and ecommerce. Wanting to be the best friend with customers, and planned upcoming expansion in the US and Asia. On fundraising, why the least you can raise the better and the more money you take in is not always a sign of success. The question of whether to be a queen or be rich, and controlling your own name. And why people who love animals may be preferred.

Off the Grid Questions explore a childhood goal, matzoh ball soup, a crazy Halloween FIT story, well behaved women, and a Caboodles box.


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