095 – Jason Robinson of UPS – Delivering Data [SPONSORED]

Making e-commerce connections with data from UPS…


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Jason Robinson, Director of Marketing for UPS, a global shipping company that also provides data and logistics services, joinsUPS on FIYB Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez and Marc Raco at Rise NY for FIYB LIVE, recorded in front of a live studio audience. Disrupting with their business to align with disruption in e-commerce world.

UPS The New Pony Express?

Discussion of an article from Washington Post exploring the decline in retail space, and change in industry. How the Model T Ford led to shipping, and led to data. The decline in B to B business with and increase in direct–to-consumer, the new Pony Express. And a lengthy “What I Love” segment pays off.

Are Generous Return Policies Good Business?

UPS on FIYBHow the back-end management data and processes, and hits on the tracking site, lead to hand-on consulting for brands, the launch of United Problem Solvers, and looking for strategic partnerships. Dealing with the complexities of international ecommerce,
consulting through return policies and their potential impact, the risk of fraudulent returns vs. customer experience, and how increase in returns can result in an increase in sales. Using the returns process as a strategic selling tool, and creating the best experience. Robinson reveals details of UPS My Choice and UPS Access Point, and how UPS is “stretching”.

A Salt N Pepa Surprise

Off the Grid Questions cover fly rod delivery, cadavers, live animals, po’ boys, and the NYC walk mix, and Salt N Pepa.


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