137 – Billie Whitehouse of Wearable Experiments – Haptic Highway

Haptic feedback in apparel …

Whitehouse 1Billie Whitehouse (bio), Designer and CEO of Wearable Experiments (apparel with electronics providing haptic feedback), joins Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco and Rob Sanchez.

Corrective Yoga Pants, The Alert Shirt, and sensory impact

Whitehouse 5Whitehouse discusses the new Nadi X corrective yoga pants with directional haptic feedback, She reveals what motivates her to do this work, and the focus on the intersection fashion and tech beyond quantified self and LEDs and on connecting people with something deeper. The Alert Shirt built for Fox Sports in Australia is a topic of discussion, as well as the new Football Fan Shirt, whether Whitehouse is “selling out as an Australian, and how the shirt gives vibrations and communicates with the user connecting with action points in sporting events. Whitehouse also covers the value of haptic feedback moving around different points on the body for maximum sensory impact.

The challenge of working with different data partners, and of data lag in communication timelines,Whitehouse 2 trigger mechanisms, possible expansions of haptic feedback wearables, Using the skin as an interface for things that excite you, opportunities as a value-add for video gaming, movies, music, tourism, and generally creating memories. Whitehouse’s original product. And, all about Fundawear (vibrating knickers for couples in long distance relationships). Whitehouse touches on the mission to empower the skin, and connecting you with yourself, moments in time and loved ones. Plus, the dream of highway of communication and a kind of crypto currency – based on energy generation from people.

A war cry, a surprise award, and marketing haptic feedback apparel

Whitehouse 3Whitehouse delivers a war cry, location and delivery of info on the body considering Chakra systems, collarbone, garment engineering as well considering the weight of technology, and where to conduct most interesting vibration. The intention of retail methodology for Nadi vs. the Wearable Experiments brand. How accolades can be defining and open opportunities, beating Under Armour and Nike for a Clio Sports Award, and the impact on the effort to obtain a green card.

Safety considerations and testing, liabilities, Google Maps and slide rules, avoiding stagnancy, and protecting patents against patent trolls. User sensitivity in adapting and learning to process haptic feedback, and the learning curve on a new haptic feedback language. Go to market strategy for Nadi in “athleisure”, how no one selling beautifully online, showing magic in the Wearable Experiments products with animated gifs with sophisticated imagery. And, communicating about design and innovation transparently vs. keeping guarded.

Bodies, fibers and gaming the hype curve

Off the Grid Questions offer conversation about a stunning illuminated waistband providingWhitehouse 4 inspiration, spending time in a morgue, Bodies The Exhibition, when a sleeve became a soup, the best fiber in the world, 1960’s Barbies, swimming in freezing water, the Burning Man response, gaming the hype curve, and going to bed with dead people.


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