138 – Alberto Torres of Atheer – Computing, The Next Generation

Augmented reality glass as an enterprise solution from Atheer …

Alberto Torres of Atheer joins Fashion Is Your Business podcast

Alberto Torres (bio), CEO of Atheer (link) (enterprise solutions based on smart glasses and augmented reality), joins Marc Raco and Rob Sanchez and guest host Nataliya Makulova.

A new form of computing, FIST and super powers

Torres discusses how Atheer is ready to start shipping commercially the full release of first generation augmented reality glasses that allow the user see content from a mobile device and interact via gestures, voice and head tracking. He positions it as a perfect solution for “deskless professionals” such as in aircraft repair and inspection, medical uses, and in manufacturing. How the technology can solve problems, and is a significant innovation for mobile computing, and answers the opportunity to Atheer 2change the way computing is done. The issue with the small screens of mobile phones as not practical in some situations (i.e. when using hands etc.), and the availability of rich images, hands free interaction, contextual experiences which depend on what one is looking at, and how a lot of intelligence is fundamentally creating a new form of computing. Torres reveals how complex jobs in the field can’t use traditional forms of computing, and how Atheer focuses on the concept of Fix, Assemble, Survey and Treat (FIST). TheAtheer 4 reasons why an AR solution like this can enable companies to save enormous amounts of money, reinvent businesses to change processes, and provide them with “super powers”. Plus, relevant applications for the fashion business in designs and manufacturing. Finally, Snack Time brings some New York to New York.

Collaboration, possibilities, and a focus on enterprise

Salted licorice, the vision of the future, and comparing to early mobile phone adopters, re: enterprise focus. Deployment of Atheer’s AiR Suite Platform as a collaboration solution, opening up to other glasses, Atheer’s expansion, raising more than $20Million, considerations of a related consumer product, significant patenting, and a proprietary system. How users can share their POV with a third party and annotate and mark, and even provide remote assistance. The way the devices carry computing power, tethering, and implications for a consumer market with large screen experiences and multiple screens for gaming and trading. How vision is affected and related considerations, uses for drivers, emergency response and the military, augmented reality vs. virtual reality, primary vs. secondary tasks, and Atheer 1useful practical everyday AR application. Why Torres joined Atheer and the company’s vision, possible impact in developing countries, and whether the AiR Suite Platform can be released on mobile devices. Plus, larger implications of this AR product for the fashion industry and in-store experiences.

Pushing forward, mixing technology and design, and what Tim Cook shows us not to do

Off the Grid Questions covers a overcoming a knee injury, pushing oneself forward, being worldly, and the mixture of design and technology. Plus, how the iPhone 7 might show us how not to do something.


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