142 – Jennifer Yemu Li of MuseFind – One Million Influencers

Influencer marketing with Jennifer Yemu Li of MuseFind…

Jennifer Li 1Jennifer Yemu Li (bio), #Wartime CEO of MuseFind (an influencer marketing platform for media and publications), joins Pavan Bahl and Marc Raco.

Discipline, defining an influencer, and the future of influencing marketing

Li discusses the impact of military training, experience and martial arts, on skills, effectiveness and company culture. Key indicators, how campaigns work, what the exchange is with influencers, what is the definition of an influencer with data, the considerations of following people and content material, the “beachhead approach” to influence, the ability to carve a niche with influencer marketing, multi-leveled approach, and whether influencer marketing is over.

Bearded men, The Wild West of marketing, and a massive network

Jennifer Li 3How a pivot from ecommerce became the genesis of the company, how many contacts it takes to motivate influencers to take action, expectations, strategic flash collaborations, the need for brands to look inwards to measure optimization for influencer marketing, sweet spots with influencers, how much more bearded men can charge as influencers, when influencers don’t hold up their end of a bargain, influencers as humans, the actual amount of work it takes. Marketing an influencer company by using influencers, how influencers can play a part of promoting intangible products or services. MuseFind’s next steps, including growing partnership and development parts of team, AI and helping partners to let content live on longer, curated lists, and standardization of Wild Wild West. Plus, the massive number of influencers developed by demand, and the range of influence that is considered.

Selling influence with influence, living with gratitude, and advocating for women

Entities vs. influencers, podcasts as influencers as new trend, and the trend of business-to-business owners being influenced by podcasts. Off the Grid Questions covers living with moments in gratitude and without regret, growing networks in Canada vs. New York City, living with cockroaches, the wrong way to walk on the sidewalk, Asian influence and childhood war stories, and advocating women in business.


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