160 – Ryan Parker of Intel – The Responsive Store

Ryan Parker on the transformation of retail with Intel…

Ryan Parker (bio), General Manager of Responsive Retail at Intel, joins Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco and guest host Brian Laney (VP of Sales for AlertTech and host of the “Experience Magic” consumer experience podcast) in the podcast booth in the Innovation Center at NRF Big Show.

A new initiative, the retail tech space, and psychology and storytelling

Parker discusses Intel getting into the fashion tech space, their movement into the retail tech space, a new initiative including a $100M investment to bring experience and data to stores to make them more of an experience, the value of being able to use video in data, the focus on psychology and storytelling in Intel’s resources, and the drive to understand consumers better and give them a better experience.

Responsive retail, messaging, and de-risking innovation

The store that “responds to me and is built exactly for me”, balancing providing associates with online access with keeping attention on customers, a description of the hardware and uses, the messaging to be communicated to retailers, their associates and consumers, de-risking the opportunity for innovators, and making things more approachable for retailers.

The value of NRF, the challenge of change, and weird wearable tech

What Intel wants to get out of NRF as an ecosystem, helping retailers get over fears, and trying to make things better. Getting over the hurdles of the hesitation to change, how Intel mines its own consumer experiences, and Off the Grid Questions covers typewriters, life changes, and strange uses for wearable tech.

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