173 – Rony Chammas and Jason Levine of Peerspace – Peer-to-Peer Space Booking, an On Air Challenge

Unique spaces for the fashion industry with Peerspace online peer-to-peer marketplace…

Rony Chammas (Co-Founder and CEO – bio) and Jason Levine (General Manager – bio) of Peerspace (an online a marketplace for individuals and teams looking for unique short-term spaces) join Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, Marc Raco and guest host Aliana Galan (Senior Project Manager of The Lion’esque Group, an agency of pop-up architects) on location at VoyagerHQ for an On Air Challenge (a recorded and comprehensive paid consultation on business development). FIYB listeners get a 10% site-wide discount up to $100 through 9/30/17 at www.peerspace.com/p/fashion.

Use possibilities, in-app mining potential, and customer acquisition

Chammas and Levine discuss the opportunity for people to gather and connect in person, finding spaces and environments to make it new and interesting every time, a more efficient system to offer short term rentals for revenue, and creating a community of hosts. They share the goal of figuring out best access points to the fashion industry, how Peerspace is currently working with designers such as off site meetings, events and productions. Looking at the biggest bottleneck of finding the space, and consideration of making Peerspace relevant in the fashion and design industries. How Peerspace is active on social media, active with marketing, and analytics on social media, taking advantage of micro-moments and then staying relevant throughout the year, and partnering with other relevant companies, helping with quotes from other vendors, creating more of a full-service experience by providing an outlet for spaces, a robust email distribution in play, and partnering with business owners in those relevant industries. Looking at in-app mining of user info or survey and suggesting needs users might have and suggesting spaces for use cases. Cross-selling for other uses, knowing hot locations where Peerspace needs the right hosts in right locations, adding a layer of the business model of the individual brands. Other uses such as production spaces and meetings with buyers and investors, how the complexity of an event can dictate speed of coordination and booking on Peerspace.

Entry points, moving from provider to driver, and partnering with education

Entry point ideas, Arthur at Nolcha Fashion Week, Peerspace Open House fashion week event, showcasing the space, creating blogger lounges, placing it within a relevant route, multiple activations and use cases within a space, providing career-building help and experiences in a Peerspace location as a series of events, using spaces as a showcase for products, creating a digital activation in a series of showrooms, arranging opportunities, exhibiting at large conferences, no shortage of interest in spaces. Matchmaking and honing in on best spaces and assuring a strong outcome, why the retail apocalypse means a lot of space is opening up spaces inside stores (possibilities of a store or event space within a store) creating new ways to engage with consumers, getting involved in conversations with brands about getting more intelligent about the processed data, community meetup experiences in various cities, and adding a community section into the desktop platform. Moving from a “provider” to “driver”, and working with universities to empower success of students such as giving homes to final presentations.

Recommendations and connections

The team offers recommendations include data-mining on technology innovation including major conferences, the needs at South by Southwest including showroom homes and the ability to make a splash in Austin at SXSW, and connecting to schools like Pratt, FIT, LIM and Parsons. Collaborating with The Lion’esque Group, Nolcha Fashion Week, Hammock, Millennial 20/20, eTail East and West, creating a technical innovation hub in Peersapces, and supporting The Garment Center, along with partnering with the right agencies.


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