184 – Sid Jatia of Under Armour – Looking Good and Feeling Good

Driving ecommerce in an sports apparel brand with Under Armour…

Sid Jatia, Vice President, Omnichannel Digital at Under Armour (manufacturer of game-changing sports apparel, shoes & accessories – (bio)), .joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, Marc Raco and guest host Lisa Marie Ringus, EVP and Head of Global Sales for 24 Seven (a multi-vertical global talent recruitment firm) on location in Las Vegas for Shoptalk 2017. This episode is powered by Olapic.

Ecommerce and holistic health insights

Jatia touches on driving ecommerce growth, making athletes better, how Under Armour previously focused on dressing athletes better, and now trying to change their lives, driving holistic health insights.



Physical plus digital, aspirational core, and finding the right talent

How it is not just about looking good, but also feeling good, bringing physical plus digital together, connected shoes with untethered experience, how the aspirational core is all around you, how one of the biggest assets are athletes they have, and discussing a discontinuation strategy. Sensor integration and fragmentation, the focus on freedom, an opportunity to experiment on customer experience, a massive platform available, the pace of innovation vs. the right talent, training and development.

Richard Branson, cricket, and powering down

Off the Grid Questions cover Richard Branson, cricket, racquetball, staying engaged in design, and finding peace and powering down. And feeling whole from the impact of tech.

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