191 – Jennie Baik of Orchard Mile – A Mall, But Online

Luxury digital mall shopping platform…

Jennie Baik of Orchard MileJennie Baik, CEO and Co-Founder of Orchard Mile (a zero IT integration direct to consumer cross shopping platform -(bio)), joins Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco and guest host Ilan Tito at the Millennial 20/20 Summit in New York City.

From Harvard to Burberry, why the name, and a real estate play

Jennie Baik of Orchard MileBaik discusses pulling together Millennial trends of going direct to consumer and connecting more with stories. How she started as investment banker and consultant, graduated from Harvard Business School, then went into digital marketing, then got an offer at Burberry. How Orchard Mile is a “zero IT integration direct to consumer cross shopping platform, like a mall, but online”. Why the name Orchard Mile, and why it is more of a “real estate play”, taking out leases to drive traffic and get consumers to pay attention, shopping as if with 50 different tabs without going site to site, bringing in social info, video and content.

Micro-moments, a data engine, and incentivizing community

Jennie Baik of Orchard MileThe customer journey with micro-moments, being there when customers need you, how affiliates push you at moment of purchase but Orchard Mile records the actions of every person that comes to the site. A focus on women, perfecting the model and then applying a similar formula for other verticals. Unique visitors of 150,000/month, and how Orchard Mile might be a Trojan horse for an intense data engine to know more about consumers. Testing a gating wall to have the experience and give them something back to incentivize to be part of the community. “Edutainment”, the desire for fewer nicer things, designers making garments that can be worn a variety of ways, and one of the biggest brand wins and why WWD mattered.

A new ending, a prized possession, and an open mind

Jennie Baik of Orchard MileOff the Grid Questions involve “The English Patient” with a new ending, a first luxury purchase, a prized possession involving a dream of success as a working woman, a worldwide husband hunting tour, learning from Millennials, and bettering business with an open mind.




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