236 – Joseph Segarra of Def Jam Recordings – Next Gen Brand Influence

The transformation of how influencers enable brands to build and engage consumer relationships…

Def JamJoseph Segarra, Lifestyle Marketing and Promotions at Def Jam Recordings, joins Pavan Bahl and guest hosts Josh Wexler (Co-Founder/CEO at RevCascade) and Bianca Caampued (Co-Founder/Creative Director at Small Girls PR) for MouthMedia Network live audience “Souler Salon” on location at Spring Place in New York. Presented by Souler, the ultimate influencer commerce platform where influencers share and sell the products they love directly to their followers. (Next Souler Salon event is June 26th, 2018, with guest Bobbi Brown.)

In this episode:Def Jam

  • Wexler shares how Souler enables influencers to share and sell products they love from the brands they represent
  • Segarra discusses collaborations/partnerships at Def Jam, streaming and content, how collaboration is contingent on the right product, artist to artist collaborations, and effectively engaging smaller retail shops focused on B-to-C
  • Understanding influencer personality, and a personable approach at Small Girls
  • How brands are developing a new kind of relationship with consumers, and how Souler decided to give tools normally provided to brands to influencers, as a channel to get to consumers
  • Twitch as a platform can create moments between unlikely influencers, known mostly for gamers but have other channels
  • Why Spotify lists are everything in the music business for companies like Def JamDef Jam
  • The convergence of offline and online
  • The importance of experiences people want to share, such as a the Def Jam ice cream truck
  • Identifying what influence is now
  • Why social media platforms are still are highly relevant
  • Which matter more—content or numbers?
  • The effectiveness of “Stunts” for influencers
  • How it can take several years for emerging artists to get full status as influencerDef Jam
  • Pieces of content: is there a formula for creating a “megapost”?
  • Analytics and customer profiling
  • Launching an influencer campaign and managing budget, especially when based on trade
  • Social consciousness, taking risk, cause-based marketing as a consideration
  • “Urban Gen-Z mentality”, the need to change the world, and how tools have been weaponized, and their potential to do good

Photo credits: Charles Beckwith

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