Josh Wexler

250 – Josh Wexler of RevCascade and Souler – More Time, More Money, Less Risk

Helping retailers operate and scale their online marketplaces, automating all aspects of their dropship programs…

Josh WexlerJosh Wexler, Co-Founder & CEO RevCascade & Souler (technology that enables any retailer, influencer, or publisher to transform their business by launching, operating and scaling their own dropship programs), a winner of the pitch competition for the 2018 Alvanon Trailblazers Conference  in Partnership with Coresight Research, joins Pavan Bahl and Marc Raco in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Wexler on how we’re still at early stages of how the Internet is impacting every industry
  • Things are changing constantly
  • RevCascade represents the fastest growing part of every client’s business
  • Companies re restricted by shelf space, budget to buy prooducts, stockroom size, and storeage
  • Drop-ship allows brands to dramatically expand number of products
  • So many logistics are no longer an issue with RevCascade’s technologyJosh Wexler
  • Often, products are in a sweet spot that a retailer might not want in stores, too niche, don’t want to take shelf or warehouse space, great for customers, great for bottom line
  • Souler, leveraging drop ship technology – unlocking value in a market, influencers very prevalent in how ecommerce happens
  • Souler as a layer on top of RevCascade, influencers can build own stores with brandsthey represent and connect them with followers
  • Unlimited potential
  • Microinfluencers are possible
  • Souler’s go to market strategy, currently in pre-beta for possible Fall 2018 launch, focused leaning toward luxury with premium brands
  • Enabling ability for brands and influencers to stay in control of who they are working with, including adjacent brands
  • How it is free to join the Souler platform, as another form of marketing for brands and platforms, a kind of ROI channel and a marketing channel
  • Wexler’s previous company seeing ad spend shift from offline to online
  • Followers vs. engagement, audience vs. community
  • Where else can you accomplish a $50M run rate in a short time than online?
  • Making sure consumers get a great experience
  • Amazing distribution platform
  • When the idea of Souler came as a “ah-ha” moment for an experiment
  • Every retailer can leverage drop shipping the way Souler has been built
  • Partnering in live podcast community events with MouthMedia and influencers such as Def Jam and Bobbi Brown, Souler Salons to engage community
  • Brands and influencers coming together
  • Want environment where people are doing instant commerce, in the moment, on the spot
  • Positive energy that RevCascade is a part of, Souler is a catalyst for that
  • What makes an impression on Josh – what resonates is people who don’t take themselves too seriously, humble, sense of humor, have a POV, and reflect those sensibilities
  • Wexler played lot of sports, part of teams, playing a role as an athlete, not the main player, leading from the bench, and how the sum is greater than its parts
  • Being very influenced by someone that shaped him, high school basketball coach
  • The importance of being knocked down a peg
  • Intuition meets ability
  • Wexler proudly seeing his kids’ aspirations, having big shoes to fill while wanting them to create their own paths
  • The importance of having the confidence to follow one’s own heart

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