267 – Becky Hsu of Capgemini – Driving Innovation with Legacy Systems

How companies can drive innovation while working with legacy systems, and the importance of creating a roadmap to improve ROI and drive longterm revenue…

Becky Hsu, Strategic Solutions Consultant for Capgemini, joins Marc Raco, Pavan Bahl, and guest host Janet Beasley (Strategic IT Consultant, David’s Bridal) on location at the Remodista Community Day. More on Remodista at www.remodista.com.

In this episode:

  • Integration into Legacy Systems + Cloud
  • As companies clamor to implement the latest technological innovations to boost their sales, what are threats that they should be considering?
  • How can companies work with legacy systems while creating a roadmap to drive revenue?
  • The biggest challenges that retailers face as they work towards creating a seamless omni-channel experience for consumers?
  • Removing point to point into the cloud, can help you do things in market faster
  • Legacy databases have a lot of data
  • Working with both large and small companies
  • Thinking business strategy over technology strategy
  • The consultant side of business to help position individuals with talent due to changes
  • Some of the things that need to be considered, some small changes in tech can be a large organizational change
  • Rolling out a new system without disrupting the business and culture, value of mapping the customer journey
  • Exciting technology  – Bird scooters
  • Why it is critical to understand one’s audience in order to deliver, and knowing what to say to them, must understand the customer to move forward

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