268 – Will Margiloff of IgnitionOne – Belief, Strategy, and Will

The journey of building a successful and relevant company through  strong strategic decisions, working with the right people, and staying grounded…

WillWill Margiloff, CEO/Founder of IgnitionOne Inc. (an award-winning Customer Intelligence Platform enabling marketers to understand, value and engage with their customers in real-time) , joins Pavan Bahl and Marc Raco on location at the IgnitionOne Summit in New York.

In this episode:

  • A vision of the company eight years ago vs. now
  • Surroundng yourself wth people smarter than you
  • Keepng executives in touch wth client needs
  • Why being a C-Level person makes you a seller
  • Strategy vs. making it happen, having a lot of people believe in what you’re dong
  • The nature of the word/name “Will”, the nature of a successful entrepreneur
  • Selling a banner ad in 1995
  • Working in the invisible fence fieldWill
  • Gettng managerial experience as Internet became commercialized
  • Ended up buying a business, then exiting, and then buying it back
  • Two strategic acquisitions in 2007/2008 during financial crisis
  • Growing lke a weed by investing in downturn while others were trying to build back up
  • The anticlimactic way Margiloff found out about the sale the first time
  • Reflecting on how many millionaires he created
  • —and staying grounded
  • A lot of people at IgnitionOne that came from that first journey
  • You have to have people around whom you trust
  • Opening minds on certain topics, creating a summit in its seventh year, leading in digital overall
  • Education internally
  • Finding peace whle traveling
  • Leveraging calls whle exercising on a treadmill
  • Managing time better
  • Why traveling matters, if you only know how you do things you don’t know how anyone else does

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