269 – Belinda Sharpin and Charlotta Forslof of Honey Birdette – Personal Touch in Retail

Honey Birdette is Australia’s first sensuality boutique, the fastest growing lingerie brand with over 50 boutiques globally along with a commercial online business…

Belinda Sharpin (General Manager) and Charlotta Forslof (Online Manager) for Honey Birdette (a women’s sensuality boutique focusing on lingerie and other items) joins Pavan Bahl and guests host Toni Fourie (Director of NORA Network) on location in Sydney, Australia at Online Retailer City and Nora Network, for a conversation presented by Fluent Commerce.

In this episode:

  • Experiential Retail,  a personal touch
  • The “Honeys” giving that personal touch
  • Making it possible for people to shop and embrace sexuality without it feeling uncomfortable or dirty
  • What sells better n-store vs. online, and how the associates matter in-store
  • Trying to get a personal touch online
  • The importance of training the associates about sexuality and related topics
  • Also offering toys
  • The missing educational piece in content
  • Sizing issues online
  • Standing out from competition
  • Developing a global team with expertise to provide right experience

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