272 – Rob Keve of Flow – Frictionless Cross-Border Commerce

How startups can make progress in going global…

Rob Keve, CEO/Co-Founder of Flow Commerce, Inc. (the world’s most advanced solution for cross-border ecommerce, with a revolutionary platform providing flexibility for merchants to design their own ‘custom’​ international solution) joins Nataliya Makulova on location at Remode Conference in Los Angeles.

In this episode:

  • Reducing points of friction for international retail such as currency exchanges, duty/tax information local payments, returns, customer service, data considerations etc
  • Jumpstarting an international business from the ground up
  • Danger of saturating domestic market without planning for global expansion
  • Platform to integrate into, for ease getting into 200 countries
  • Being prepared for the global modern citizen
  • The tech in the platform
  • Custom tool for plugging in and playing with own commerce platform
  • Who Flow works with
  • Why taking your retail international is so important, especially converting a large percentage of acquired traffic that is from the countries
  • Pain points that flow addresses, such as customers facing unexpected duties and taxes
  • Creating a positive branded experience
  • Allowing preferred and expected local payment methods
  • Accepting cryptocurrency as payment  method
  • The importance in balancing one’s work and personal lives

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