274 – Ryan Teng of CLO Virtual Fashion – A Fitting Future

In fashion, the ability to realistically size apparel, and truly understand how sizing connects with actual body shapes and sizes in the world, has been a long-standing challenge—and you don’t actually know the average size until you can measure it. But how?

Ryan TengWith 3D Virtual Design Software, not only can this challenge be met –and the designer can immediately visualize the shape, fit and appearance of a garment with many types of material and texture — but the data that can come back to the designer who can see the shape of their customer and design for them. This will change everything. Ryan Teng, VP of Business Development for CLO Virtual Fashion (3D Virtual Design Software), joins Nataliya Makulova on location at Remode Conference in Los Angeles.

In this episode:

  • A Leading 3D visual technologies company
  • 3D Fashion Design Software
  • Ten years in the space, gaming as well as fashion
  • When someone enjoys using software, that helps them creates exponential possibilities
  • More schools teaching the software, which gives designers and developers a leg up
  • Why Teng is like a doctor
  • Internal sales meetings, marketing, and more by using the data
  • 3D garment stitching software that is pattern based
  • Web based visual asset manager
  • Online fitting API, creating an avatar for you, body data comes back to designer, seeing shape of your customer and designing for them
  • Why “plus size” is a misnomer, but you don’t know what the average size is until you measure for it
  • Understanding more body shapes
  • Technology looking into the future
  • Rendering in CLO with a lot of textures, from velvet to fur
  • Value of a feedback loop
  • Making clothing for digital influencers and avatars
  • How AI is a part of the company
  • Fit as a gatekeeper of a brand’s identity 
  • Why tech designers are the unsung heroes of an apparel company
  • Music as a form of freedom and expression, and documenting your own life

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