069 – Katie Roof of TechCrunch – An Appetite for Discovery

Tech and ecommerce news…

Katie Roof (Senior Writer and Video Host at TechCrunch) joins Pavan Bahl (Open Source Fashion) and Rob Sanchez (Ralph and Katie RoofRemington [Episode 22]) and guest host Charles Beckwith (American Fashion Podcast [Episode 45]) on-location at the 2015 Decoded Fashion New York Summit.

Roof discusses “Tinder babies”, how a platform can have different uses in different countries, favorite online shopping experience, liking discounts, looking at her online experiences as business models and dissecting them through the lens of writer, “recommerce”, stylist apps, online cooking platforms and mattress startups.

Off the Grid Questions explore growing up in Silicon Valley, Facebook food, the TechCrunch atmosphere, the power of the tweet, the problems with an industry of self-disruption, and what’s common among successful fashion tech companies.


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