073 – Greg Vilines and Catherine Iger of Fittery – Perfect Fit

Solving the fit problem…

Greg Vilines and Catherine Iger (Founders of Fittery, an free online tool for men that assist in picking clothesVilines and Iger based on best fit) join Rob Sanchez (Ralph and Remington [Episode 22]), along with guest hosts Charles Beckwith (American Fashion Podcast [Episode 45]) and Regina Gwynn (Co-founder/CEO of TresseNoire), on-location at the 2015 FashInvest Fashion Tech Investment Conference in New York.

Vilines and Iger discuss how Fittery works and how a short quiz reveals body measurements, partnerships with brands vs. multi brand retailers, the usefulness of a their history developing digital processes and understanding third party marketplaces, building a business around solving a problem that you know, and the premise of Fittery is based on utilizing technology to improve stats, reduce frequency and expense of returns, and expand user experience.

How Fittery is a Business to Consumer company yet can offer harvested insights to retailers, what the competition to solve fit problem battlefield looks like, and will there be one winner? The possibility of acquisitions, the reality of numerous approaches to solving the fit problem, how Fittery is unique by blending fit comparison with taking the fitting room experience into one snapshot view, connecting digital info between physical and digital experiences, why Fittery is not a brand-focused experience, the approach to strategic partnerships, why the T.S.A. keeps coming up, and clown vs. cloud.

The teams talks new initiatives for 2016, expanding to new categories major driver of growth, how the Autotrader experience helped, using the B to C marketplace to power B to B insights, making search experiences attractive for both sides, the foundation of trust and complimentary skills in a team, and avoiding group-think without being a jerk.

Plus, off the Grid Questions explore a robot guitar, a beat up old van, and a suit of armor with a top hat.


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