167 – Matt Kaden of MMG Advisors – Enamored by the Future

Matt Kaden on Investing in fashion tech…

Matt Kaden, Managing Director of MMG Advisors (bio) (a boutique investment bank focused in fashion apparel and related consumer products), joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, and Marc Raco on location at the 2016 FashInvest Fashion Tech investment Conference in New York City.

Selling and buying companies, the full business life cycle, strategic partnerships

Kaden discussed how MMG Advisors works with clients to sell and buy companies, joint venture work, approaching the business as a team of industries execs and owners first who understands the space, making being helpful important, and the full business life cycle. Some wholesale clients know problem and want to integrate into the digital world but don’t know how to approach it. Marrying business models via strategic partnerships and dropping in current trending companies into wholesale businesses.

The objective at FashInvest, the future of manufacturing in fashion tech, and supply location

Looking at the objectives at FashInvest, being enamored by the future of fashion tech and being surrounded by innovators, where fashion tech is going, the acquisition of Jet, the future of fashion tech manufacturing becoming automated, the resulting impact on jobs, political climate vs. stimulation of industry, and getting closer to manufacturing suppliers.

The Knicks, listening vs. speaking, and risk-taking

Off the Grid Questions covers questioning convention, speaking as little as possible, running the Knicks, and an embarrassing moment. Risk-taking and being nibble to make change.


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