080 – Jade Huang of StyleSage – What’s Your Data Diet?

Fashion data analytics…

Jade Huang (Co-Founder/CEO of StyleSage, a data analytics company where fashion meets big data) joins Pavan Bahl (Open Jade Huang StyleSageSource Fashion), Rob Sanchez (Ralph and Remington [Episode 22]), Marc Raco (The Hope Is Project), and guest host Liza Kindred (Founder of Third Wave Fashion and Editor in Chief of Third Wave Magazine [Episode 28]) on location at AlleyNYC.

The FashInvest Investment News covers FourSquare raising another round, how they are using data and what their plan is. A discussion of activating back data on location, GPS coordinates, identifying specific data, selling to third party app developers, more robust location data, research trends, and the massive influx of third party data. Huang shares thoughts on investment in the data space, the trend of the down round, and being valued at realistic numbers. Plus a drinking game, an asthma-location app, what kind of data can be actionable, telling a story with and sponsoring GPS coordinates.

Jade Huang StyleSage 2A segment of Feed the Animals begins with a vast selection of cookies with great intentions but misses the gluten free due to the wrong bag. Huang reveals the genesis of her company’s name in the telling of the future, Kindred’s database of fashion startups shows trends in names, and the search for great URLs. Kindred comments on the lack of a federated ontology on the web, languages for things that don’t exist, how StyleSage tackled the lack of “language agreement”, and getting good data back without good data in. Also, image recognition, totalitarian reporting, universal taxonomy, standardizing them into one taxonomy, translating 40 languages into English, tracking 249 countries and 150 million products, and the amount of engineering power needed to gather, normalize and clean-up data, big data for fashion, and machine learning.

The Third Wave Fashion meet-up at AlleyNYC, the importance of data and how it is sued in readying for when a supply chain is abruptly disrupted, and why it is critical to look at external and internal at point of sourcing to de-risk that and reduce risk exposure, preempt and react to these issues. How data analysis pitches play out when data tells so many stories, trends of concern, Uganda, dealing with cultural differences, and what data is proprietary vs. sharable. Plus, thoughts on how startups can gather some of their own data, what’s general advice to act on that data, Huang’s experience in government, diplomacy, and a plaque for innovation. And Off the Grid questions explore Legos, an elementary school for rich kids, ballet, a French CEO who changed Huang’s life, surviving internationally with “yes” or “no” questions, and a trip to Africa is decided.


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