082 – Amanda Parkes of Manufacture NY – Robotics, Stilettos and Girl Scouts

Future of fashion technology…

Amanda Parkes (Fashion technologist and Chief of Technology and Research at Manufacture NY) joins Rob Sanchez (Ralph and RemingtonAmanda Parkes on FIYB 1a [Episode 22]), Marc Raco (The Hope Is Project), and guest host Nataliya Makulova (Technical Projects at Spring).

Parkes reviews her exceptionally extensive background, and the discussion turns to the fashion technology of The Lion King, dancers, the FashInvest Investment News explores her remarkable and fascinating experience at her first ever visit to CES in 2016, entering and touring CES with Megan Smith, wearables, running out of coffee, the surprisingly horrible audio tech at CES that doesn’t work, revolutionary fashion technologies, SpaceX spinoff Thesis Couture’s high performance stilettos, and the millennial woman’s dream apartment. Plus Feed the Animals discusses hidden gluten and some red wine.

Amanda Parkes on FIYB 2aFashion pet wearables superstar WonderWoof, how Parkes is trying to turn herself into a dog, why she’d rather wear a dog wearable than a Fitbit, Voxeljet’s first 3D printer for electronics, combining PCBs and 3D printing, and navigating the fashion space with marketing vs. technical features. Using energy for the body, biotechnology, mobile power, fiber batteries, parasitic energy, bioluminescence, synthetic biology, processes of technology companies vs. fashion companies, the need for fashion companies to invest in technology development as a marketing strategy, developing biological systems into manufacturing methods, science fiction vs. actual research, being on the scene first vs. developing an idea to maximum potential before releasing, and why copy products often don’t benefit a fashion brand. Plus, can anyone win the wearables market?

Off the Grid questions explore consistent dissatisfaction with energy, education theory, carpentry magic, melting metal, and a mystical experience leads to an MIT education.


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