Special Report – FIYB at SHOPTALK – Post-Game Report Day 1

Podcasting from SHOPTALK in Las Vegas

The Open Source Fashion team, including Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, Charles Beckwith, Ilan Tito, and MikeFIYB at SHOPTALK 3 O’Day, offer a post-game report on their first two days at the SHOPTALK tech event for nextgen commerce in Las Vegas.

The team talks bonding, the great experience, and the ARIA Hotel and Casino. From opening keynotes, impressive speakers, and breakout panels from people grappling with key decisions to others integrating social content and even what store experience means today. Plus, Lionel Richie.

FIYB at SHOPTALK 1Finding moments of quiet, the incredible attention to detail in the impressive sold-out conference, including visuals, feeling, vibe, the massive hall, and the huge staff. Friendly faces, accomplished people, and the many people FIYB has already interviewed on the podcast, the gathering at Bardot Brasserie. Truffle fries, beverages with bubbles, homecoming, a dancing Charles, gambling fun, high energy, how people make the conference, each person is an education, contagious conversations, the collective breath the industry is taking, Erica Young, Melissa Gonzales [Episode 85], and Liza Kindred [Episode 28]. Also, Snapchatting on @fashiontechguru and @osfashion.

A discussion of wonderful interviews with Sam Vasisht of MindMeld, Leah Malone of Foursquare, Rakesh Tondon of LE TOTE, Rodney Williams of Lisnr. And the bonus of conversations about overcoming adversity, taking down barriers, and Star Trek references. Upcoming interviews, the excitement and energy of SHOPTALK, and the new show format.

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