085 – Melissa Gonzalez and Aliana Galan of The Lion’esque Group – Pop Up Pioneers

The Lion'esque Group talking pop ups on FIYB 6Pop Up Retail…

Melissa Gonzalez (Founder/CEO) and Aliana Galán (Senior Account Manager) of The Lion’esque Group, an agency of pop-up architects, join Pavan Bahl (Open Source Fashion), Rob Sanchez (Ralph and Remington [Episode 22]), Marc Raco (The Hope Is Project) at the Stylitics Studio.

Gonzalez and Galán reflect on their origins in acting careers, Wall Street, TV hosting and merchandizing and comment on their amazing headwear. The Important Industry News segment reflects on Fashion Week and how the public is seeing cracks in the series of events, a new sense we should be paying attention to the consumer and the shopping, that technology is causing an evolution of expectations, that retailers and brands must evolve with expectations, and that Fashion Week is just starting to catch up to what is already happening.

The Lion'esque Group on FIYB 5How pop-ups are a unique way to showcase rising talent and can be used to test markets/styles, how Gonzalez and Galán stay at forefront of the pop-up industry, reasons why pop-ups have evolved in the use of physical spaces, and comparing cost of pop-ups as a revenue center vs. product proof and marketing. Gonzalez and Galán review what data they looking for, integrating technology into pop-ups, driving pop-ups to ecommerce, how The Lion’esque Group compares to other pop-up companies, and why being people-intensive matters.

The Feed the Animals segment gets a personal gluten free touch, and the “steaks” are raised. Gonzalez and Galán touch on how they deal with clients who think they have it all figured out, what kind of approach works most consistently, how pop-ups are changing and intriguing examples, utilizing pop-ups for market research, using social currency, who they look for to inspire new ideas, and the importance of reading, conferences and tradeshows. The contrast of having a problem and looking for solution, vs. seeing if solution fits. A case study of a made-to-order brand vs. pop ups leads to a value proposition. The popular strategy of influencers, the critical nature the emotion of a pop-up, and how the visitor feels. Plus, the hiddeThe Lion'esque Group on FIYBn consulting side, and the need to understand the story from Day 1 of ideation. Examples of pop up projects that forget key first steps, the need to ask why you are doing this and basic questions. And Gonzalez and Galán share their origin story, why people trusted them in an earlier stage of the company, and how everyone’s talents brings them into specialization, using their backgrounds. How the meaning of the company name has changed from genesis to today.

And Off the Grid Questions explore what the worst audition experiences taught about Latin stereotypes, knowing who you are as a person, how acting relates to storytelling and knowing yourself, preparation vs. perspiration, Backstreet Boys and bath-time radio in the office, what stumps creativity, and a virtual reality vacation pod.


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