154 – Susan Bruch of Your Style Unzipped – Part 2 On Air Challenge

Shoppable search engine for fashion and style…

Susan Bruch (Founder of Your Style Unzipped, a shoppable search engine for fashion and style – bio) joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, Ilan Tito and Marc Raco for Part Two of an On Air Challenge (a recorded and comprehensive consultation on business development).

Search vs. exploration, brand vs. consumer, and choosing a mountain

Core issues of search engines, implications of algorithms, considering the needs of the consumer in finding best thing vs. what one will click on, the focus on either search or discovery knowing what you want and trying to find it, vs. exploration. Brands have most to gain from this kind of search system, becoming an equalizer by giving every brand has opportunity to be searched and purchased on a search engine and featuring new and emerging brands, having SKU number searchable, a focus on luxury, high end, middle market brands, and the prospect of partnerships for brands with retailers or other brands. UI/UX Challenges in making complex data look simple for user while not distracting from the actual product, and choosing the mountain of search.

Social influence and storytelling, recommendations and connections

The need to focus on pursuing the goal to bring all online functionalities together so consumers get what they are looking for fastest and most efficient way. A discussion of pop ups, influencers, standing out from the crowd, the social influence side of search, the changing face and industry of influencers. And recommendations and connections on maximizing social media, influencers, visual commerce, visual search, solutions for drop ship, see-now/buy-now, targeting via messaging or bringing up right selection, and the hurdle of building a database. Focusing on a distilled value proposition and using it a guide to develop the experience and marketing segments and visual, etc. to target consumers. Then following up with strategized storytelling via the right channels, finding the right way to spread the message, finding connection to and purpose of Your Style Unzipped, and connecting with people emotionally with an authentic story.


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